Monday, November 2, 2009

Houston We've Got a Problem

The biggest problem Second Life faces as a communication technology is it's not as known as facebook, myspace, or twitter therefore it doesn't have as many users. Besides myspace, facebook and twitter are two new communication technologies that have become part of everyday use. Both are used by celebrities, connect people to friends and family, and even help for meeting new people. In Second Life, you are able to connect with people, however, from my experience it is difficult and seems impossible. Second Life seems to not have many users, therefore to me it kind of makes it boring since all you do is explore and take pictures.

Hopefully, in the near future it will become more popular. I cannot see it becoming as popular as facebook or twitter since those are easier to keep in touch with and meet people with.


  1. We'll see. I have never been sure that SL can "scale" up beyond its current level of 80K avatars online unless they are willing to set up multiple virtual worlds. I am not a computer scientist, however; Mark Kingdon, CEO of Linden Lab, seems to think that SL can work as a platform for "millions."

    See Tateru Nino's post:

    She got an exclusive interview with Kingdon.

  2. I definitely use Facebook to keep in touch with all of my friends from home and my family around the country which is why I find facebook so much more accessible, addicting, and useful.

    Maybe sometime in the future Second Life will become more user-friendly in that it will have more users and avatars can keep in touch with other friends and family just as easy as they can with social networks such as Facebook or Myspace or Twitter.