Monday, November 9, 2009

Got Problems?

I have a problem and it's that I can never find a group of people in Second Life. I can transport to over 10 places and never find an avatar. Why is this still happening to me? My avatar does not have swine so I'm not sure why I can't find anyone. Anyway, I had this great idea to transport to orientation island. It proved to be the best idea I've had since I found loads of avatars! I was so happy that my plan had worked out.

Just then, another problem occurred right when things were going well. I tried to fly over a step then all a sudden my avatar won't land and she keeps flying upwards as if God has some sort of gravitational pull on her. I flew up, up, and away until at one point i was so far in the sky and never coming down that I got frustrated and logged out of Second Life.

This isn't the first time that my avatar has done things when I'm not even commanding her to do so. For example, there will be times when I'm just walking straight and she walks then walks backward to where I started. Or she will just keep walking straight right through the buildings and not stop. It's possibly the most frustrating thing in Second Life besides not find any other avatars.


  1. I think you hit a "ban line" that you did not see.

    Property owners can restrict entry. Usually you spot a "do not enter" hovering in the air.

    Keep trying and you get "ejected." That is what happened to your avatar.

    Where were you when this occurred?

  2. I'm sorry I had to laugh a little at your odd experiences with your avatar. I have luckily not had these problems yet with mine.

    I was having the same problems however in finding other avatars to interact with. I found a friend though, and "she" helped me get new skin and we got to talking and she lead me to a place called "Alady Island." Here, I met other avatars and went around telling some that I was new and needed new places to travel to that were worthwhile. I got some great advice and it helped a lot. They told me to go to the "search" spot and type in things such as "club" or "dance." I did this and I found places such as, "Junkyard Blues Club." You should try and search that and teleport there. This was a lot of fun I learned how to dance and interacted with a lot of different avatars!

  3. I enjoy your use of the word command in this blog. I've experienced these same problems in SL and it is very frustrating. Another helpful tip: when searching places in SL in the search box: take notice of the amount of traffic as the highest number will have the most avatars!