Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Heritage Key

When I first arrived at Heritage Key I was in a room that had helpful tips on how to get started. If I was new to the virtual worlds then I would have definitely read most of them, however, I only read a few to see if I was missing out on anything.

The first thing I did was change my avatars outfit since it was terrible. I like how all you need to do is drag the item from the inventory onto your avatar as opposed to Second Life where you need to drag the box into a space.

After, I went to go find out how to get to King Tuts tomb. When I got there I got a notice on how the server has crashed and I need to log out. I tried logging in again, however the application froze and I had to quit. It kept saying how my system contains a graphic card that is unknown to them.

I was able to get everything working after a few tries, so I went on to continue exploring King Tuts area. There were a few tents that I passed by that were artifacts most likely being examined. Next, I waddled my way to his actual tomb to see what I will be doing soon. While in the tomb I went into a room with hieroglyphics and couldn't believe how real it looked. Once I was done looking around the tomb I went back outside to my hot air balloon..except I wasn't able to get in it since it was floating in the air.


  1. I struggled too to get everything underway with Heritage Key as well. I'm glad to hear that you got to make it into the tomb I wasn't even able to get there. I am really excited to finally be able to make it to the tomb and see how real everything looks like you said!

  2. I couldn't get in the hot air balloon after either! I really like how you used the word "waddled." I do agree with you that putting on clothes is much more user friendly in Heritage Key

  3. Rezzable will want to hear all of this...they changed the balloon ride once after I noted some early problems with it. It needs a rope-ladder so you can climb back up!

    In fact, all of the transportation is problematic. From any part of the simulation, you should be able to pick a destination and teleport to the others.

    "Waddled" is a great action verb. I call that the "default avatar walk" from SL--and it's the only one in HK for now.