Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Finally Fun In Second Life?

Up until now Second Life has been quite boring for me. I could never find people, I was shy when I found people, and no one talked to me. However, after doing the gender switch project I came to actually find myself laughing at things and talking to everyone. I realized I have nothing to be afraid of and that I had no reason to be shy. I found fun places, and now I even go with my classmates to places and we joke around.

I just went to the Junkyard Blues Club with Meghan and Caroline and we had so much fun. All three of us were in the library laughing each others avatars. I told Caroline she had a cheap ass weave and we just kept poking fun at each other.

After, when me and Meghan signed off I went to ask her a question and by accident I called her Jordin, her avatars name. It made me realize that I was so into Second Life at that time.

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  1. That is so funny cfrenz!! That is so great that you are not afraid to talk to people, and it really did help you with your gender or race switch!