Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The End Is Near

I have one more day of class left. It seems hard to believe that the semester has gone that fast. I remember my first day of class because in my mind I was thinking "He seriously wants us to play a game? Really? This sounds insanely creepy, who does this!? Get me out now." I never did leave despite my premature feelings for Second Life. After listening to the description I came to the conclusion that it was going to be boring, strange to write on and definitely not as good as Facebook.

Now, four months later I am able to see how far my views have changed. I'll admit that it was boring for me in the beginning but I began to feel more comfortable talking to people and traveling to populated areas. I realized that if I had a friend to go with we both could laugh together at whatever we came across. I was a bit confused on how I was to write wikis on Second Life since I wasn't used to either. But I found out through my Gender Switch Project that the process of changing my appearance and writing about it was fun. It was without a doubt my favorite project. As for Second Life not being as good as Facebook, I can deal with that since Facebook is taking over the world ha.

Besides my feelings for Second Life changing, I also was also able to practice photography for FREE! I usually look up Second Life places in google to see what looks interesting. I enjoyed traveling around and taking pictures from different angles. Since I do not have time to actually go out and take pictures and develop them, I would travel somewhere that was different. In Second Life you can take pictures of anything you want, such as nature, architecture, and people. I was able to travel to Devils Moon, which resembles the movie Blade Runner. This visit was interesting since I had to watch the movie for Core last Sunday. Seeing a place in a movie and in virtual world was exciting since I felt like I was apart of the movie.

I hope when the freshmen next year leave the class after the first day they don't prematurely judge Second Life and actually give it a try since there is much to be learned about virtual worlds because most people are oblivious to them.

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