Friday, October 9, 2009


I might have been too harsh when I was talking about the librarians from my school because they all weren't mean. In fact, whenever I needed to use the stapler in the morning because my papers were all over the place this one librarian would gladly hand it over to me. She didn't abide by the rules as strictly as the other librarian and she would let kids eat a lunch time snack when there was supposed to be no food or drinks in the library.

However, there was one librarian that me and a majority of students could not stand. If she saw food, phones, dress code violations, or anything else in violation of the ridiculous school policy she would take it away or send you to the office. My friend had her ipod touch out one day and the librarian thought it was an iphone so she started yelling at my friend. After, my friend said it was an ipod and the librarian felt embarrassed. There are other stories about her that demonstrate that she was not one of the nicest librarians.

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  1. Some librarians call that sort of mean person a "bun librarian" for the old stereotype of the woman who told you to "please be quiet."

    The iPod incident shows me that she wasn't tech-literate, as all younger librarians are. For a while, it was an "age thing" with older librarians meeting the older stereotype.