Monday, September 28, 2009

What do you expect?

Last year I remember sitting in my College English class reading the poster next to me on plagiarism. All I could think was "how could you possibly get caught plagiarizing here unless you blatantly copy and paste words". For something teachers preached so much about, the only consequence was a zero on the plagiarized paper. Therefore, many students including me didn't care to cite their sources properly.
Teachers didn't spend time going over how to cite sources because they left it up to the mean librarians that nobody wanted to listen to. My old ways will not fly here at Richmond, which is why I'm grateful that Hjortshoj explains the ways to cite sources properly. I was never really sure how to cite and I wasn't clear on what the rules of plagiarism were, so I'm glad he cleared it up. When I get my first college paper back hopefully I will have cited correctly. If I didn't cite properly hopefully I can learn the right way so I don't make the same mistake twice because plagiarism in college is taken more way more seriously then in high school. I don't expect the teachers to be lenient here because it's a serious issue thats on the Honor Code.


  1. I find it interesting that you reference "mean librarians" as at my high school the librarians seemed to have the same reputation. I feel the same way about how college citations seem to be much stricter...hopefully we cite correctly!

  2. I feel so bad about those librarians. I married the nicest one on earth! So why were those librarians so "mean"? Perhaps it was because those lazy students didn't give a rip about learning :P

    So there's another not-quie-brick-worthy stereotyple to consider. Let it stand. Meanwhile, do go back to this entry, edit it, and put in a break between the two paragraphs. Learn to do that because I'll be pickier on such format issues as the semester rolls along.