Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The House of Usher

The year is 1847, and I have just arrived at the House of Usher with my two friends, Meghan and Jordan. We were afraid to enter the house at first because it was dark and creepy looking. I felt as if I was going into a haunted mansion on Halloween since the house screamed trouble.

Once we walked inside we were greeted by Roderick, Madeline, and Margaret. Roderick, who looked like Professor Snape from Harry Potter, offered to give us a tour of the house. I immediately separated from the group and went to look for clues in the house as to what Roderick and Madeline have been doing, since it was my task. First, I went upstairs and looked in all the bedrooms. I found a clue written by Roderick on his desk about how he thought Madeline might be hiding something from him. I wasn't sure how this would have helped me or what exactly is meant since she denied hiding anything from him. Margaret told me that they don't hide anything from each other and they have a special bond. I also found a bookmark in a text on medicine about hypochondriasis, which helped since then I knew that Roderick must have been faking his symptoms. In one of the rooms I found a gun, however, it wasn't loaded nor could it be shot. On one of the beds, I found a map of the cellar, but I never used it. Lastly, I found a note in Roderick's handwriting about choral hydrate and chloroform.

After I was done looking for clues, I went to go help my friends who were with Roderick and Madeline. Jordan was with Madeline, and she was trying to convince Madeline not to take the medicine and rest. Madeline kept talking about the voices she was hearing and how she wanted them to stop. We told her that we would stop the voices, and we tried to convince her to leave the house. However, it was hard since she didn't want to leave. At one point, Madeline faints, and we put her to bed. Jordan made sure to stand in the room to watch that she did not go anywhere. While this was going on, Meghan was distracting Roderick. Roderick talked about how they were going to die and how they both were sick. We tried to convince Roderick to bring her to the doctor, but this did not work since Roderick did not trust the doctor and his motives. While Madeline is resting, I was in a different room talking to Margaret. Jordan told me that Madeline disappeared from the bed she is, and I knew then that she must have been down in the crypt. I ran down to the crypt, and got a little lost while I was down there. I remembered being told that there was three floors to it, so I had to keep running around until I found it. When I got there, Roderick was there and Madeline was in the coffin. I knew I needed help convincing him that she was alive, so I yelled to my friends to come help. I guess my convincing was doing much since Roderick actually laid inside a coffin. I kept telling him that Madeline is alive, her cheeks were flushed, and her heart was beating. When he got out of the coffin he went over to her, and she was still lying inside. Jordan kept opening the top of the coffin so we could see her, and I eventually stood on her, which got her to wake up. Once she woke up she was confused as to why she was resting in the coffin. She thought that we placed her there, so we had to tell her we were trustworthy and would never do that to a friend. She believed us and eventually followed us out of the house. I would say that our plan was a success. We were able to convince Roderick that she was alive, and no one died.

Personally, I do not think the clues helped me in saving Roderick and Madeline. However, I do want to go back and see if I missed anything important. The clues that I found were easy to find, one wouldn't have to search forever to find one. I do not think they should be moved since the spots they were found in would make sense. For example, I found the notes on his desk.

Also, Iggy did a great job on the special effects since they actually started creeping me out also. The actors did a great job, they stayed in character the whole time. I felt as if I was really in the story the way the house looked to the way the actors were. The furniture and set up in the house was also great since it was all from that era. The rats were my favorite part of the house along with the spider webs since when I picture an old decrepit house they would most likely be present.

As for changing anything for next semester, I would think about Margaret playing a bigger role. I felt as if she didn't really have a part in the story except for telling Madeline that she should rest. Other then that, I believe everything looks great!

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