Thursday, September 17, 2009

Travel Around the World in Minutes : $0

If I told my mother that I just went to The Globe Theatre, Harlem, and Morocco in a matter of minutes, she would most likely call the Health Center to check me for swine flu. However, I did visit all three locations last night! I was upset that there was no one around to talk to at any of the places but I still took advantage of the opportunity to explore. My first stop was the Globe Theatre and even though I wasn't dressed in Shakespearean attire I still felt like I was back in that time because the hay on the ground and old looking houses gave it an old feel. Upon arriving I noticed the row of portraits of people from Hamlet which caught my eye because the pictures looked so real. Also, I was really surprised to come across the Trojan horse since I always thought it was a clever idea and to actually be able to stand on top of it was thrilling for me.shakes_001 Next on my stop was Harlem, which made me feel better since I miss the Big Apple. At first, I wasn't aware that this location was Harlem in the 1920's but the old cars and cotton place hinted at the time frame. The way the buildings were set up with the sidewalks and stoops seemed to really capture a picture of what Harlem looks like to me even if this was Harlem in the early 1920's. It was so much fun to ride the trolley since you don't see them around anymore and the tour it gave was a nice history of the Harlem.trainharlem4_001 My last stop was Morocco, which ended up being my favorite. The picture below with Skylar sitting on a cart gives you a glimpse of what Morocco was like. The little shops set up on the side sold pottery, rugs, and other hand made crafts which made this site really unique. I also saw my first animal and went on mini soccer field. Morocco looked a bit like the movie Aladdin to me in the way that the buildings and shops were set up. I liked how the buildings weren't brick and how they were differently shaped from those in Harlem. Morocco gave off an arabian theme which I admired. It all seemed so real and made me actually want to visit!morocco2_001

To tell you the truth, I wasn't thrilled about visiting these places before I logged on because I thought they wouldn't be interesting. However, I learned that I can't judge something if I haven't even seen it. I also was able to see how much thought goes into making one of these sites. Everything serves a purpose and makes the places seem more realistic.


  1. You'd want a guide in "RL" (real life) Morocco.

    I like SL tourist sites because I can get a sense of what a visit to the RL site would reveal. Then I can go and focus on--this is important--finding the good places to eat.

  2. I really enjoy all of the pictures that you took! It looks like you had a good time visiting and learning about these places on the scavenger hunt that we couldn't necessarily see in class. Morocco which you said was your favorite looks like a place that I want to visit!